5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Colorado trip

5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Colorado trip

Is the road trip calling you this summer? Do you like excitement and driving to a new place? Blood Road Trip goes through your veins! There are many great places to take the best trip, many of which are impressive. Driving using a car rental downtown Denver CO to a magnificent park or amusement park with many roller coasters is so enjoyable that you cannot afford to take a short plane ride there.

Best road trips Ideas

Dinosaur State Park and Gillette

Gillette Castle Connecticut Castle Outside Woods

A family trip to a public park is also a great road trip to planning. The best thing about public parks is that each state has at least two states and that many states have gardens that you should miss during your visit. For example, in Connecticut, you have the option of going to Dinosaur State Park and Gillette Castle State Park.

Robbers Cave State Park and Quartz Mountain State Park

A trip to Oklahoma means you can go to Robbers Cave State Park and Quartz Mountain State Park. Visiting a public park on a family trip can be a great adventure for everyone.

the Million Dollar freeway near Telluride

If you want to enjoy a road trip to Colorado, you should consider going to the Million Dollar freeway near Telluride. The area is incredibly historic and seems to have picked up buildings directly from the old wild west. The $ 1 million highway connects some of the old mining towns and makes you feel like you’re in the 1870s.


Going northeast in the winter may not seem like a great idea with all the snowy roads and dangerous ice routes, but visiting Maine early in the summer and fall will certainly be a pleasant stay. In particular, what leads to Route 1 and a full tour of Maine leads to a fantastic wildlife trip that is worth seeing.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

The roller coaster must head towards Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point contains the widest range of different types of roller coasters in the United States, if not in the world. From Corkscrew to Mantis to Mean Streak, there are exciting roller coasters available. The good thing is that Cedar Point is a wonderful family trip because there are also “awesome” coasters like Jr. Gemini, for the little enthusiasts of the roller coaster.

Wherever you go using Denver hire car, make sure you have good car insurance coverage, since you do not want to go on a road trip and end up on the road without any protection.

The best places to visit with children in Europe

The best places to visit with children in Europe

It is true that visiting Europe and especially with children accompanied can be somehow monotonous. Most of those who have had such a visit earlier on will definitely agree with that. A major reason for this is that almost everything in Europe is very expensive ranging from restaurants and accommodation transport costs among others. Below is a list of tips that you can follow to enjoy your tour with kids in Europe especially if they are below 24 rent a car services in Europe to ensure they don’t get fatigued.

Vineyard Montreux Swiss

Additionally, younger children may not very energetic and passionate as adults to explore unknown places since they don’t have really enough knowledge to read directions or request for guidance It will be very obvious that these kids get tired even before you are half the distance and you have to carry them or adjourn the journey. Many people who have visited Europe have experienced this, especially for the first time. Traveling to Europe with kids and you all enjoy the tour needs some guidance from those with experience.

Do Planning together with the children

Children will definitely feel they are more valued and involved if regardless of their age they are involved in the planning of any form of activity, for instance when planning for places to visit and travel, including them in the planning process will make them more active and enthusiastic. Additionally, older children can be helpful in the tour.F or instance they can create extra plans, make car reservations, among other chores

Do not follow the crowd

To avoid confusion caused by a large number of tourists coming to visit Europe, it is suggested to avoiding peak periods and holidays, especially when traveling with young children. You can also take advantage of comparatively cheap flights and hotels during the low peak seasons in Europe and the cheap traveling.

Selection of the best places for children in Europe.

-Legoland Deutschland

– it is utterly described as a paradise in Lego, Here, children of all ages can visit since there are places that will nice them altogether

The Wieprza Museum

in Stuttgart, in the west Germany is the most unique places to visit with large number of domesticated pigs amost everywhere

-Netherlands Keukenhof park

Here you enjoy the most interesting flower showcase. This park is open to the public for about ten weeks a year.

These are just examples of some of the the exelent places most people recommends all new tourists if you plan to tour Europe with children.If kids are below 24 rent a car services in Europe to ensure they dont get fatigued so much.

Pick the best convertible for your vacation

Pick the best convertible for your vacation

Are you planning to go for a hot vacation? You can make your hot vacation more enjoyable by hiring a dream luxurious convertible car. These luxurious cars offer everyone the privilege of enjoying their vacation in a style. Actually, most people have dreamt of owning a luxurious convertible car. It’s a status symbol, and it gives a greatly rewarding experience if you are able to drive one. Since not everyone is able to buy such kind of car due to limited funds there is a chance of hiring one at 24hr rental car and enjoy its services in your vacation.


Aston Martin V8 Roadster N400

The Aston Martin is a road car essentially built to bring comfort to travelers and as for fast racing. The car has all the required styles of the Vantage although it has an additional 20bhp which increases its total power close to 400bhp. This comfortable, fast and sleek convertible car give a great experience to run out especially on a hot day. The car gives all the exotic fun you dream about.

Ferrari f430 Coupe

This Ferrari car is the successor of the Ferrari 360. The car has a 4.3-liter V8s petrol engine which allows it to get to 196mph top speed. This makes it a very popular ride among people looking to hire Ferrari. Ferrari hire gives you a fantastic experience for your hot vacation. The car offers a lot of fun to riders and its top speed makes one send chills down the spine as you accelerate.

The Mercedes Class

This magnificently highly luxurious car is very spacious and offers the latest style and elegance. It’s a very popular vacation car and unbelievably comfortable vehicle compared to some Bentley. This vehicle, due to its opulence it will accommodate all your friend well during your vacation

Silver Bentley Arnage

This utmost comfort and luxury, Bentley car has been quite synonymous for years among the elite. Actually, you are sure to experience the feel of opulence when you drive this sleek, modern vacation car.

Rolls Royce Silver

Rolls Royce brings to you the mind visions of sophistication and elegance as well. Actually, models like the Silver Shadow are typical mode of transport preferred by the discerning individuals in their hot vacation tours.

Traveling in a style and comfort does not require to be expensive since you can get a convertible car hire. we may lack that enough cash to buy a personal exotic car, but deciding to rent the hottest convertible car from the 24hr rental car for your hot vacation is definitely a better option than just living to drive a luxurious car in the dreams. We also don,t have to worry on maintaining the car because we only keep the car just a few days. Hence we can introduce more fun and excitement during our trip, without spending our life savings on purchasing an exotic car.

Most Romantic destinations in USA for this spring

Most Romantic destinations in USA for this spring

Today, the United States of America is the most desirable place for newborns. With so many places in combination with a variety of adventure activities, this is the best place for newborns. All seasons in the US are perfect for a romantic honeymoon that will last year-round. Make a decision on where to travel. Florida, Poconos and Las Vegas are the favorites for romance. To enhance your travel just rent car so as to be able to explore these destinations:


Florida is commonly known as the Sunshine State and an absolutely attractive land of natural splendor which makes it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. Easily accessible from almost all major cities, it offers the best and broadest activities for children.

If you like adventure, you can practice sports like climbing, hang gliding, parasailing, parachuting, hot air ballooning, dolphin watching, bird watching and more. The romantics will find Miami Beach with natural gifts. Coconut and coral shells flats along the large expanses of hot water lovers.

Also visit the Kennedy Space Center, Dry Tortugas National Park, Bush Gardens and the Adventureland and Wildlife National Refuge on Merritt Island during a trip to Florida. It goes without saying that you do not want to miss nightclubs, museums, theaters and other entertainment venues in major cities.


Poconos in the hills of Pennsylvania provides a true exotic for newborns. Here, hotels ensure that all child requirements are met to create an atmosphere of absolute eroticism ideal for love. Poconos is not just for linens but also about other exciting adventures like water skiing, snowmobile, squash, bowling, golf, indoor/outdoor tennis, and kayaking. The magnificent views and private spaces of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels are Poconos specialties.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas – The dream of new owners and couples who want to have fun. He is famous for all its fun and fun. In addition to casinos and monorails, there is another fascinating attraction in Las Vegas – an artificial volcano in the Mirage. Other attractive places in Las Vegas are the well organized Bellagio Water Water, the King Tut Museum and gondola rides. The Las Vegas Strip is famous for its fantastic nightlife. The magical effect of bright lights shines through during romantic Vegas vacations.

New Orleans, United States

New Orleans is a wonderful city for married people because there is so much romance here. You can pretend to be a royal family traveling around town in a stroller. Imagine being on the Titanic without a terrible end and taking a romantic ride on a cruise. You can also add something to the mystic by spending time on the deck of a boat on the river, swimming and enjoying the moonlight.

The above is the best romantic USA destinations where couples should travel to have a honeymoon. These places are wonderful and have a conducive atmosphere for couples. Always rent car when moving to these destinations.

The 6 Best Places For Lip-Smacking Food in Baltimore

For people who have not had the opportunity to visit Baltimore, you might think that it’s a place specifically meant for the crab lovers. The Charm City is usually foreseen as Crab City by many visitors who visit the place for the first time and with no fault of their own, think of finding nothing but only crab food.

There is actually nothing wrong with that. If you visit Baltimore, do not forget to taste the exotic crab dishes they serve across the city. At least one big platter of steamed Blue Crabs won’t hurt your stomach for sure. However, the city is loaded with tons of diverse restaurant chains, embracing the taste and flavors from around the globe. From Asian fusion to even Venezuelan arepas, you will get the variety you want.

Top restaurant picks in Baltimore

Today, let us take you out on a tour of some of the luxurious restaurants in Baltimore, which specializes in various cuisines apart from, of course, the city’s delicacy – crab meat.


The best place to relax and grab a drink with your friends. This restaurant is located in a residential block which makes it quiet and peaceful. It serves Neapolitan, homemade portions of pasta, wood-burning pizzas, and much more.

La Cuchara

To add to the trans-continental touch, the restaurant sports a white-washed dining room and exposed brick structure. The place offers some of the best happy hour deals in the town, which is perfectly suitable to grab after work or late at night. With a view of an open kitchen, you will get pintxos and appetizers at half the price during the happy hour.

Rye Street Tavern

This is the second stunning restaurant of the New York James Beard Award holder chef Andrew Carmellini. The place specializes in the Chesapeake Bay and regular fried chicken along with mouth-watering seafood delicacies. The floor-to-ceiling windows and outdoor seating structure allows the visitors to gaze into the beauty of the water. What’s more? The indoor dons rich leather, steel finish, and wood carvings to mesmerize the visitors.


For almost 20 years, Charleston has been impressing the diners with its low-country cooking. Owned by seven-time James Beard Award nominee Cindy Wolf, the restaurant flaunts one of the best wine lists in Baltimore. The menu explores meat, seafood, poultry, and is a local favorite for celebration meals.

The Helmand

If you are looking for warm naan, soft beef meatballs, and vast Afghani cuisine, the Helmand is the best place to quench your thirst. Decorated with Afghani textiles and art, the restaurant has been wowing diners for 30 years. Look for the main attraction, Kaddo Borwani with baked baby pumpkin and garlic yogurt. A must visit for travelers.

Samos Restaurant

Serving the foodies of Baltimore for a long time now, Samos restaurant has a success of its own which doesn’t seem to vanish any time soon. They have BYOB policy, and serve some delicious Greek food. While there, don’t forget to taste the Avogolemono and Grilled Octopus.

So if you are an avid traveler and the next stop in Baltimore, all you need to do is call any underage car rental agency, book your vehicle for a hassle-free venture across the city, and drive to these places we have mentioned. We are quite sure you won’t be disappointed.