5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Colorado trip

5 Best Road Trip Ideas for Colorado trip

Is the road trip calling you this summer? Do you like excitement and driving to a new place? Blood Road Trip goes through your veins! There are many great places to take the best trip, many of which are impressive. Driving using a car rental downtown Denver CO to a magnificent park or amusement park with many roller coasters is so enjoyable that you cannot afford to take a short plane ride there.

Best road trips Ideas

Dinosaur State Park and Gillette

Gillette Castle Connecticut Castle Outside Woods

A family trip to a public park is also a great road trip to planning. The best thing about public parks is that each state has at least two states and that many states have gardens that you should miss during your visit. For example, in Connecticut, you have the option of going to Dinosaur State Park and Gillette Castle State Park.

Robbers Cave State Park and Quartz Mountain State Park

A trip to Oklahoma means you can go to Robbers Cave State Park and Quartz Mountain State Park. Visiting a public park on a family trip can be a great adventure for everyone.

the Million Dollar freeway near Telluride

If you want to enjoy a road trip to Colorado, you should consider going to the Million Dollar freeway near Telluride. The area is incredibly historic and seems to have picked up buildings directly from the old wild west. The $ 1 million highway connects some of the old mining towns and makes you feel like you’re in the 1870s.


Going northeast in the winter may not seem like a great idea with all the snowy roads and dangerous ice routes, but visiting Maine early in the summer and fall will certainly be a pleasant stay. In particular, what leads to Route 1 and a full tour of Maine leads to a fantastic wildlife trip that is worth seeing.

Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio

The roller coaster must head towards Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. Cedar Point contains the widest range of different types of roller coasters in the United States, if not in the world. From Corkscrew to Mantis to Mean Streak, there are exciting roller coasters available. The good thing is that Cedar Point is a wonderful family trip because there are also “awesome” coasters like Jr. Gemini, for the little enthusiasts of the roller coaster.

Wherever you go using Denver hire car, make sure you have good car insurance coverage, since you do not want to go on a road trip and end up on the road without any protection.